Cosmetic Dermatology Clinic

dermatologist baton rougeA unique experience for all your skin care needs

Let me tell you what you can expect when you seek medical care, cosmetic treatments or product advice.

The clinic was established in 1985, as the first cosmetic dermatology clinic in Baton Rouge, in order to offer patients freedom of choice. I don't believe insurance companies should make the decision who delivers your health care. Thus, I made the leap of faith that if good personal care was offered "they would come."I have been blessed over the years that my patients have spread the word about the personal hands-on care that is provided. Word of mouth recommendation is always the greatest compliment.

The clinic provides up-to-date cosmetic procedures and full-service medical dermatologic care. We treat all age groups and encourage families to use our clinic. Men, women and children are welcomed.

Over the years my passion has been to emphasize skin wellness. There are so many things that can be prevented. The "3 C" philosophy is a cornerstone of my program. These are as follows:

It is my job to convince you to change behaviors in order to have healthy skin. I hope you will come see for yourself that a unique experience awaits you.